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Blakely Brown



Personal Summary

Dr. Brown’s research, teaching and service focus on nutrition and chronic disease prevention, maternal-child health, childhood obesity and diabetes prevention, community-based participatory research methods, Native American health and diversity-related activities. Her areas of expertise are successful research collaborations with rural and Native American communities that have resulted in longitudinal studies reporting risk factors for diabetes in native and non-native children, assessments of environmental and behavioral factors associated with risk for childhood obesity and diabetes in rural communities, implementation of community-based strategies to improve rural food environments and conducting randomized, controlled trials for preventing obesity and diabetes in youth. 


B.S. Foods and Nutrition, Montana State University, 1996

PhD Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Minnesota, 2000

RD, University of Minnesota, 2000

Courses Taught

NUTR 221: Basic Human Nutrition

HHP 544: Community Based Participatory Research Methods for Health

Research Interests

Childhood obesity prevention

Food security

Food environments, food systems

Health disparities

Community-based participatory based research

Mixed-methods research

American Indian undergraduate and graduate education in health and behavioral sciences

Maternal-child health

Nutrition and physical activity after-school obesity prevention programs


Current Research Projects

National Institute of Child Health and Development


Partnerships to Prevent Childhood Obesity on the Flathead Indian Reservation

This 3-year study is developing partnerships between the University of Montana and community organizations and residents on the Flathead Indian Reservation to implement interventions that decrease risk of obesity in children living on the Flathead Reservation.

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


National Institute of General Medical Sciences/Montana INBRE


Generations Health Project: An after-school and home-based childhood obesity prevention program

This project is conducting a pilot study of a nutrition and physical activity after-school and home-based childhood obesity prevention for Native and non-Native children ages 6 to 9 and their caregiver/guardian (n=24 family groupings) and preparing an NIH R01 proposal for a full scale trial of the obesity prevention intervention.

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


National Institute of General Medical Sciences/Montana INBRE

National Science Foundation


Collaborative Research: AGEP-T: Pacific Northwest Collaborative Opportunities for Success in Mentoring of Students (PNW-COSMOS).

The PNW-COSMOS project will develop, implement, and study a model of STEM graduate education focusing on American Indians and Native Alaskans.

Role on Project: Co-Principal Investigator


USDA Special Emphasis


Family-based youth obesity prevention program strategies

This project implements health education activities to parents and families of youth in CS&KT health programs, with special emphasis on children (and families) in the Head Start program on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Role on Project: Evaluator


USDA-NIFA 11898018                                                                     03/01/16 – 02/28/18

Growing Strong Generations

This 2-year USDA Strengthening project will plant the seeds for a multi-year, integrated USDA AFRI project that will significantly impact the food and nutrition needs of children living in rural, low-resourced, American Indian communities. This project is a research collaboration between the University of Montana, Salish-Kootenai College and the Flathead Indian reservation.

Role on Project: Co-Principal Investigator


Completed Research Support (in the past 5 years)


National Institute of General Medical Sciences/Mountain West CTR-IN

1U54 GM104944-01                                                 

Fully developing and piloting a high-intensity nutrition and exercise after-school program

This study developed family-based intervention materials and test the feasibility of a high-intensity nutrition and exercise intervention for children attending an after-school program.

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


P20GM103474                                                                                               5/01/2014 – 04/30/2016

NIGMS – Montana INBRE                                                                                      

Indoor exposure and dietary determinants of DNA methylation in asthmatic children

This study aims to determine the association between indoor PM and endotoxin exposure due to biomass combustion and DNA methylation among asthmatic and non-asthmatic children and the effect of dietary factors on epigenetic profiles and respiratory health.

Role on Project: Co-Principal Investigator


1 R34 DK096403-01A1                                                                                

National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases                     6/01/14 – 5/30/16

Tribal Turning Point: Pilot Study of Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in American Indian Youth

This study  developed and pilot tested an adapted version of the adult-based Diabetes Prevention Program to be developmentally relevant for American Indian youth, and incorporated a motivational learning approach with the curricula.

Role on Project: Consultant (Mayer-Davis E, PI at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)


National Institute of General Medical Sciences/Mountain West CTR-IN

1U54 GM104944-01                                                 

CTR-IN Visiting Scholars Exchange

This 4 month visiting scholars exchange allowed Blakely Brown to participate in research activities with her primary mentor, Dr. Marjorie Mau and the Center for Native and Pacific Health Disparities Research at the University of Hawaii, to learn more about their community-based, diabetes and obesity prevention research being implemented in native communities on Oahu.

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


Montana Department of Transportation                                                                              

Improving Participation in the Safe Routes to Schools Programs on a Northern Plains Indian Reservation

This study assisted K-8 elementary and middle schools on a Northern Plains Indian Reservation to assess ways to increase children walking and biking to school. 

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


National Institute of Health; Montana State University Center for Native Health Partnerships


Impact of a gardening program on mental health indicators and diabetes-related outcomes in American Indian adults

This study determined the effect of a community garden program for American Indian adults with pre-diabetes and diabetes on clinical measures associated with glycemic control and mental health indicators. A secondary aim of the study assessed the acceptability of foods produced in the garden program in food environments on a Montana Indian reservation.

Role on Project: Principal Investigator


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Active Living Research                                                  

Improving Participation and Evaluation of Safe Routes to Schools Programs for American Indian Communities

This study utilized qualitative research methods to determine barriers and enhancers to Montana tribal communities applying for SRTS funding, and developed policy change recommendations and disseminate findings.

Role on Project: Co-Principal Investigator


National Institute of Health/UM-COBRE

P20 RR017670-09     

Gestational exposures, epigenetics and respiratory health

The focus of this pilot study was to identify genome methylation patterns that are associated with in utero biomass smoke exposure and maternal diet (Aim 1) and to determine how these exposures are associated with early life respiratory outcomes in children (Aim 2).

Role on Project: Co-Investigator


Indian Health Service/MT-WY Tribal Epicenter                               

Child Health Measures in Northern Plains Children and Adolescents

This project collaborated with nine Montana-Wyoming Northern Plains Indian reservations and the Montana-Wyoming Epidemiology Center to establish a longitudinal, cohort database for pediatric health measures in Northern Plains Indian children and adolescents.

Role: Project Director


National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease         


Journey to Native Youth Health: A Diabetes Prevention Program in American Indian Youth.

This three year study developed and tested community-based, culturally specific diet and exercise strategies for Northern Plains Indian youth, ages 10 -14 on two Montana reservations.

Role: Principal Investigator


Selected Publications

Brown BD, Thomas W, Hutchins A, Martini MC, Slavin JL. Types of dietary fat and soy minimally affect hormones and biomarkers associated with breast cancer risk in premenopausal women.  Nutrition and Cancer. 2002:43(1):22-30

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Shankle L, Harris KJ, Swaney G, Tryon M, Bodnar B, Brown B.  Exploring community readiness to prevent childhood obesity on an American Indian Reservation: Setting action steps. Progress  Comm Health Partnerships, Submitted, in review, March 2016.

Honors / Awards

2015/16: Merit Award, College of Education and Human Sciences

2015/16: International Faculty Exchange (UM Provost Office) - University of Auckland, Massey University, New Zealand                                    

2015: UM Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award                                                       

2013: UM Faculty Appreciation Award, Division of Student Affairs                   

2011/12: Merit Award, School of Education and Human Sciences                            

2010/11: Sabbatical, School of Education and Human Sciences                                

2007/08: Merit Award, School of Education and Human Sciences                             

2006: UM Faculty Appreciation Award, Division of Student Affairs                    

1995: Excellence Award, Montana State University                                         


gardening, backcountry camping and hiking, reading, ceramics, bee-keeping, cooking, spending time with family and friends, meditation, long distance running, walking