Global Youth Development

*Formerly Intercultural Youth and Family Development

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Program Description: 

The University of Montana is proud to offer an innovative master's degree in Global Youth Development (GYD).  The GYD degree is designed for students who wish to engage in culturally-relevant volunteer work or paid employment in the realm of child and family assistance. This unique degree program offers students graduate instruction in human development from a psychological and counseling perspective, and is intended to prepare students to engage in cross-cultural volunteer work or paid employment with young people and/or families. 

The University of Montana is a partner school with Peace Corps Master's International Program:

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Note: Admission into this graduate program does not imply or guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, but there are many other internships available.

Other Internships Available:

GYD and AmeriCorps Links

Note: Finding and arranging an internship is the student's responsibility.

Please also see the GYD Student Handbook to learn more about this program.

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