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Global Youth Development

Formerly Intercultural Youth and Family Development

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UM ranked #8 on the Peace Corps' list of Top Masters International Programs in 2014

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Program Description: 

The University of Montana is proud to offer an innovative master's degree in Global Youth Development (GYD).  The GYD degree is designed for students who wish to engage in culturally-relevant volunteer work or paid employment in the realm of child and family assistance. This unique degree program offers students graduate instruction in human development from a psychological and counseling perspective, and is intended to prepare students to engage in cross-cultural volunteer work or paid employment with young people and/or families. 

The University of Montana is a partner school with Peace Corps Master's International Program.

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Note: Admission into this graduate program does not imply or guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, but there are many other internships available.

Other Internships Available

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Note: Finding and arranging an internship is the student's responsibility.

Program requirements:

Masters Degree in GYD includes one year of full-time instruction at the University of Montana, a significant period of time engaging in faculty-approved internship work, and a final portfolio, professional project, or thesis.  All internships will typically be 1-2 years in length and must involve working with cultures other than one’s own.  Finding and arranging this internship is the student’s responsibility. 
Students are expected to emerge from the program with the following background and skills:

  • important interculturally informed helping skills for working with children, youth, families, and communities in cultures other than their own;
  • a solid background in issues, concerns, and critiques regarding assistance and interventions across cultures, both historically and currently;
  • participation in a significant field experience, working with an established helping agency in another culture or country.

This exciting cross-disciplinary degree program is based on a cohort learning model, and acceptance into the program is competitive.  GRE scores, previous academic performance, personal statement, professional and academic background, and letters of reference are all given serious consideration in the selection process.

Please also see the GYD Student Handbook to learn more about this program.

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Elizabeth Strong Cohort VII

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