Formerly IYFD

Why the name change?

30 January 2015

Over a year ago, the Montana State Board of Regents approved a name-change for the former Intercultural Youth and Family Development program. The name was changed to Global Youth Development. This name change was intended to make the program name less cumbersome and more accurate in terms of the vernacular used to indicate skills and training usually performed at the global level. Intercultural as a term is somewhat limiting. The term global is more inclusive and dimensional. The program course content includes an examination of culture, class, countries of origin, race, and spiritual and religious aspects of youth development. We believe the term global is more accurate and descriptive. Another central purpose of the name change was to align the program with the strategic “Global” initiative at the University of Montana. We also believe that simply using the term youth is sufficient, in that if youth are situated in families, the work naturally includes the families, but sometimes, the youth are located in orphanages, or living on the streets. The main focus of the coursework is on youth, though inclusive of all forms of family support if it exists. 

This intensive Master’s degree provides students with backgrounds in human development and in youth development. The latter includes the notion of the development of potential at many levels of human functioning. While the coursework does not lead to professional licensure, it can be used as a foundation to later acquire advanced training in a number of possible academic directions.


The Department of Counselor Education