Clinical Providers and Staff

Ginger Collins

Associate Professor


Courses Taught

Summary of Teaching

Since the fall of 2009, I have prepared and taught 11 courses at UM.

  • In the fall of 2013, I developed a freshman seminar for the Global Leadership Initiative (GLI). This course fulfilled the Group VII- Social Sciences general education requirement and provided students with an overview of language within the context of the global society.
  • I reorganized two of the courses I teach in response to the need for programmatic changes within our department.
    • CSD 525: Diagnostic Process in Speech-Language Pathology, was changed to CSD 525: Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology to cover a broader range of clinical issues, including service delivery models, response-to-intervention, medical record keeping, international classification of functioning, infection control, and the code of ethics.
    • CSD 560: School-Age Language Disorders was altered to include a service learning designation. The course name was changed to CSD 560/SL: Language and Learning Disorders in School-Age Children/Service Learning, to better reflect the course content.
  • I have also repeatedly taught two undergraduate independent studies courses- Pedagogical Methods in CSD and Adolescent Language Sampling.

A complete list of courses (excluding independent studies and thesis credits) is included in my curriculum vitae.