Program of Study

Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program

90 credits minimum, including master's degree and dissertation

This 90-credit degree includes a primary area of study (30 credits), a supporting area of study (20 credits), a core of research and foundation courses (38 credits, including a maximum of 10 credits for the dissertation) and electives (2 credits). Students complete a written comprehensive examination in addition to a dissertation. 

Core: Can be incorporated within your primary or supporting area (except C&I 699)

Foundations of Education: (9 credits)

Choice of 3 courses from:

•  C&I 504 History of American Education (Sp odd, online Su odd)
•  C&I 506 Comparative Education (Sp even)
•  C&I 508 Sociology of Education (F even)
•  C&I 510 Advanced Educational Psychology (Su even, online F odd)

Technology: (3 credits)

•  C&I 515 (3) Computer & Other Technological Applications in Education (Sp even, every summer, online Su odd)

Research: (26 credits)

•  C&I 694 (1) Doctoral Seminar (autumn)
•  C&I 486 (3) Statistical Procedures in Education (autumn and spring)
     -OR–    EDLD 519 (3) Measurement and Analysis of Educational Data (summer, online Sp odd)
•  C&I 520 (3) Educational Research (every semester)
•  C&I 618 (3) Educational Statistics (spring)
•  C&I 620 (3) Qualitative Research (autumn)
•  C&I 625 (3) Quantitative Research (spring)
•  C&I 699 (10) Dissertation  

Electives: (minimum of 2 credits)

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