Library Media

The University of Montana offers a masters in education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction with an option in Library Media. The program of study below requires a minimum of 37 graduate credits, however, the total program is 44 credits and can be earned entirely online.

Course Title Credits
C&I 501 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
C&I 50x


Select one of the following:

502: Philosophy of Education
504: History of American Education;
506: Comparative Education;
508: Sociology of Education; or
510: Advanced Educational Psychology
C&I 514 Education Across Cultures 3
C&I 515 Computer and Other Technological Applications in Education 3
C&I 518 Inclusion and Collaboration 3
C&I 520 Educational Research 3
C&I 596 Professional Project 1

Required Courses:

(Note – Courses taken at UM-Western do not count toward the master’s degree so work closely with your advisor on scheduling courses to reach the required 37 graduate credits.)

Course # Title Credits
EDU 334 Children’s and Young Adult Literature (or approved graduate-level courses)


LIBM 461 Information Literacy 3
LIBM 463 Library Collection Development 3
LIBM 464 Reference Resources (or C&I 553 Info Search, Retrieval, & Curr) 3
LIBM 465 Library Media Technical Processes 3
LIBM 466 Libraries and Technology 3
LIBM 468 Administration and Assessment of Library Media Program 3
LIBM 495 Library Media Practicum 3

Graduate Course Rotation

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Course Descriptions

Please see Curriculum and Instruction course catalog.