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The Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences at The University of Montana prepares undergraduate students for careers in elementary, middle, and secondary school settings. It is our goal to prepare teachers and school services personnel who demonstrate competence in their subject matter and an understanding of the interrelatedness of knowledge; intellectual skills that lead to reflection, creativity, and risk-taking in their professional lives; a sense of self-worth and a respect for the uniqueness and dignity of others; communication skills in a variety of types of expression; a spirit of cooperation and the ability to problem solve as citizens in a democratic society; and a lifelong love of learning.

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Elementary Education

Early Childhood Education (P-3 Licensure)

The major in Early Childhood Education: P-3 effectively blends existing courses in the Elementary Education (K-8) major and the minor in Early Childhood Education to meet required state standards with the addition of four new courses. Students declare the Early Childhood Education major as entering freshmen and apply for admission to the teacher education program at the beginning of their sophomore year.

Program Overview

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Elementary Education (K-8 Licensure)

Students preparing to teach in elementary school must complete a major in K-8 Elementary Education. In Montana, Elementary K-8 teachers are eligible to teach all subjects in grades K-8. Montana does not offer Middle School endorsements.

Program Overview

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

Early Childhood Education Minor

Distance Cohort Program

Secondary Education

Students preparing to teach at the middle and secondary level must complete a teaching major in a specific content area, as well as the professional licensure requirements via the Secondary Education Certificate to teach that discipline.

Program Overview

Admission to the Teacher Education Program