Community Health

The Community Health Graduate option is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the role of program planning and behavioral science theory in the development of health related programs designed to improve the physical, mental and social health of individuals and communities. Graduates in Community Health are prepared to work in a variety of settings. These include non-profit health organizations, public health departments, corporate wellness programs, college and university human resource and wellness programs, community health agencies, and primary health care sites such as hospitals and health organizations.

Students who will be most successful in the community health major are those who are deeply interested in the interrelationship among all aspects of health (social, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) and in the life sciences and behavioral sciences.  In addition, success in this field requires imagination and creativity in applying scientific knowledge to strategies for individual and community change through a wide range of educational, environmental and political approaches. Students graduating with a degree in Community Health will be eligible to take the national exam to become Certified Health Education Specialists.

Prerequisites for the Community Health option are on a case by case basis.  Interested students are encouraged to contact Blakely Brown (, Annie Sondag (, or Laura Dybdal (

Core Requirements (20 credits)


CHTH 485 Theories of Health Behavior & Counseling


EDU 421 Statistical Procedures in Education OR SOCI 563 Social Data Analysis


HTH 430 Health & the Mind, Body, Spirit Relationship


HHP 544 Community Based Participatory Research for Health 3
HHP 524 Ethics in Health & Human Performance


HHP 540 Health Promotion Strategies


CHTH 445 Program Planning for Community Health


HHP 594 Graduate Seminar (2 x 1 credit each fall)




Thesis Option Requirements:  (38 credits minimum)

HHP 699 Thesis


Professional Paper Option Requirements:  (38 credits minimum)

HHP 598 Internship


HHP 599 Professional Paper


In and Out Department Electives (minimum 9 credits)

Both in and out of department elective credits must be chosen in consultation with and approved by the student's academic adviser.

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