Health Enhancement

Health Enhancement is the name for the Health and Physical Education teaching field in the public schools of the state of Montana.  It is also the name of the option within the HHP Department that students who wish to teach Health and Physical Education in Montana should choose to pursue.  The Health Enhancement option, when accompanied by the Curriculum and Instruction requirements of the College of Education and Human Sciences, allows for the granting of a teaching license at its completion. 

Health Enhancement Class Photos

The Health Enhancement option focuses on three main areas:

  1. It prepares students to use a variety of educational strategies designed to facilitate the adoption of healthy behaviors in students in the public schools.  
  2. It prepares students to effectively teach physical education (K-12) by introducing them to specific instructional strategies appropriate to educational grades or levels in school.
  3. It prepares students to use a variety of teaching methods and strategies to implement content-based health lessons at appropriate public school educational levels. 

Please note that Health Enhancement is not an open enrollment option.  Students must apply and receive acceptance to the Teacher Education Program in order to continue in and complete the Health Enhancement option and earn a teaching license; prior to acceptance into the program, students are considered pre-Health Enhancement majors. Please visit the Health Enhancement "Admissions" page and the Secondary Education Licensure Program page for more information on how to apply to the Teacher Education Program.