Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)

Morgen Alwell Associate Professor x5512
Trent Atkins Professor and Director of Accreditation x4978
Martin Blair Executive Director - The Rural Institute x4779
Lisa M. Blank Professor x5304
Kate Brayko Assistant Professor x4915
Fletcher Brown Associate Professor x4217
Georgia Cobbs Department Chair and Professor x6052
David Erickson Associate Professor x5318
Lisa Firehammer Support Specialist x4841
Jessica Gallo Assistant Professor x5064
Ann Garfinkle Associate Professor x5262
Martin Horejsi Associate Professor x5785
Jan LaBonty Professor x5161
Adrea Lawrence Associate Professor x5054
Gail R. McGregor Research Professor x2348
Lucila Rudge Assistant Professor x5415
Matthew Schertz Associate Professor x2163
Kristi Steinberg Licensure and Assessment Manager x2121
Rick van den Pol Research Professor and Institute Director x6756
Sandra R. Williams Associate Professor x4073