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Institute for Educational Research and Service (IERS)

Nancy Berg Assistant to the Director x4973
John Frederikson Coordinator, Montana Safe Schools Center x4297
Leona Hastings Associate Director, DERS x5344
Rob Henthorn Public Schools Liaison x4080
Andrea Holmes Assistant Teacher, Co-Teach Preschool Program x6303
Stacia Jepson Associate Director, DERS & the Co-Teach Preschool Program x4280
Aaron Morsette Trauma Intervention Coordinator, National Native Children's Trauma Center x5344
Marcy Otten Coordinator of Research & Service & the Co-Teach Preschool Program x2262
David Schuldberg Grant Evaluator & Professor/Director of Clinical Psychology Training x4183
Gyda Swaney SAMHSA Consulting Clinician, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychology x5630
Matt Taylor Associate Director, DERS x5367
Rick Van den Pol Division Director and Project Principal Investigator, DERS x4217
Amy Wolferman School Safety Coordinator & National Native Children's Trauma Center x5417
Marilyn Zimmerman Director, National Native Children's Trauma Center x6244