Morgen Alwell

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Mailing Address:

  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)
  • 32 Campus Drive
  • Missoula, MT 59812


PH.D. - Special Education, Educational Leadership, Colorado State University

M.A. - Special Education, San Francisco State University

B.S. - Psychology, Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin

Areas of Specialization

Augmentative Communication & Assistive Technology

Educational Research Methods

Inclusive Education

Low Incidence Disabilities

Secondary Transition

Diversity: Cultural, Linguistic, Ability

Current Projects

TTEAM is a five-year, federally-funded Personnel Preparation Project focused on increasing the capacity of schools and teachers to provide effective instruction for children and youth with low incidence disabilities. Our project offers tuition and resource support to interested and qualified graduate students seeking specialized training toward M.Ed. or Ed.D. degrees. TTEAM is a joint project offered through C&I and the Montana Rural Institute on Disabilities; co-principal investigators are Drs. Gail McGregor and Morgen Alwell.



The University of Montana (UM) and Missoula County Public Schools, with the support of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, have partnered to provide all students from pre-Kindergarten to the doctoral level with unique, effective, and highly engaging educational opportunities, which will usher in a new era of teaching and learning by fostering academic excellence through a collective passion to make a difference at the community and global levels.

My work with SHAPE P-20 is focused on training multidisciplinary teams of teachers and related service personnel to understand and apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in their teaching. 


My research interests focus on effective curricular and instructional supports for students with disabilities; that is, those that result in increased access to typical educational and other environments, and enhance the quality of students' participation and achievement in those environments. I am also interested in educational research methods, including qualitative and quantitative methods, research synthesis and meta-analysis.

Selected Publications

Cobb, R. B., Lipscomb, S., Wolgemuth, J., Schulte, T., Veliquette, A., Alwell, M., Batchelder, K., Bernard, R., Hernandez, P., Holmquist-Johnson, H., Orsi, R., Sample McMeeking, L., Wang, J., and Weinberg, A. (2013). Improving Post-High School Outcomes for Transition-Age Students with Disabilities: An Evidence Review (NCEE 2013-4011). Washington, DC: National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S.

Alwell, M., & Cobb, B. (2009). Functional life skills curricular interventions for youth with disabilities: A systematic review. Career Development for Exceptional Individuals (CDEI), 32(2), 82-93.

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