Department of Counseling Scholarships


Please complete the application via the button provided at the bottom of this page. You will also be required to submit the following:

  • An essay (two pages maximum) in which you describe how you meet the criteria for all scholarships for which you are applying and present your professional goals. Include specific references to awards, accomplishments and activities relevant to the selection criteria. 
  • Unofficial transcripts of all college/university work. 
  • Two (2) letters of support specific to your scholarship request(s). The same two letters of support can be used for multiple scholarships. If this is the case, make sure you provide your recommender with an inclusive list of criteria to address.

Available Scholarships

Walter R. Ames Memorial Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $900

Criteria: Full admission to a Master’s degree program in Counseling, Educational Leadership, or Teaching and Learning; academic performance and potential in the field of education.

George and Laurine Harris Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $5,000

Criteria: Must be from Montana (resident for ten years or diploma from accredited Montana high school); full admission to a graduate program Counseling, Educational Leadership, or Teaching and Learning, superior academic performance, motivation, character, and potential in the field of education.

Al Price Counselor Education Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Awarded to students in good academic standing who are fully enrolled in a Counseling program and who demonstrate promise in their professional field.

Tough Kids Cool Counseling Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $Varies

Criteria: Awarded to students in good academic standing who are fully enrolled in the Counseling Department program. Qualified applicants must be currently working in an unpaid internship site working with youth who face economic, educational, and emotional challenges. Both skills and interest will be considered.



Please plan to complete your application within a one-week period. Once you click the apply button and start your application, you will have 7 days to complete that application. If you do not finish the application in 7 days, your incomplete application will be recorded and sent.

It is possible to start a new application if your incomplete application is submitted. Please email with your request or call 406-243-4911.