Department of Educational Leadership Scholarships


Please complete the following applications via the UM Scholarship Portal:

  • General Scholarship Application followed by the;
  • College of Education Conditional Application

Some scholarships may also require the following:

  • An essay in which you: Describe how you meet the criteria for the scholarship that you are applying for, and present your professional goals. Include specific references to awards, accomplishments and activities relevant to the selection criteria. 
  • Unofficial transcripts of all college/university work. 
  • Letters of support specific to your scholarship request(s). The same letters of support can be used for multiple scholarships. If this is the case, make sure you provide your recommender with an inclusive list of criteria to address.

Available Scholarships

Walter R. Ames Memorial Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Full admission to a Master’s degree program in the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education; academic performance and potential in the field of education.

George and Laurine Harris Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $5,000

Criteria: Must be from Montana (resident for ten years or diploma from accredited Montana high school); full admission to a graduate program in the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education, superior academic performance, motivation, character, and potential in the field of education.

Floyd and Marlys Ann Boschee Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $2,000

Criteria: In-residence doctoral student emphasizing educational administration.

Jim Atkinson/WMAEMSP Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $500

Criteria: A graduate student in elementary school administration; potential as an educational leader.

Edwin Boone Craighead Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $1,400

Criteria: Doctoral student; academic excellence as demonstrated by academic record and GRE scores; personality and aptitude for a position in higher education administration. The application requires a one-page essay concerning the student’s philosophy. Criteria also include EDLD faculty judgment of the candidate’s potential for higher education administration.

Orville Getz Memorial Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $2,000

Criteria: Accredited teachers participating in master’s level courses within College of Education; currently employed as a P-12 licensed teacher or school administrator. Scholarships may be offered during the fall, spring and/or summer academic sessions, and may be offered for students participating in courses on-campus and/or online. Recipients must be from Missoula, Sanders, Mineral, Ravalli and Granite counties. Preference shall be given to current employees of Victor Public Schools and to members of the Montana Educators Credit Union.

John J. Hunt Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $500

Criteria: Doctoral student emphasizing educational administration; recipient must be a resident of the state of Montana.

Margaret Kelly Neuroscience and Leadership Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $1,000

Criteria: Graduate students in the Department of Educational Leadership who are interested in Neuroscience and Leadership. Applicants must submit an essay of no more than 200 words demonstrating their interest in Neuroscience and Leadership.

Ernest G and Jeanette M. Lake Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $4,800

Criteria: Graduate student in educational administration; potential as an educational leader; preference is given to a student planning a career as a school superintendent.

William C. Shreeve Educational Leadership Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $3,200

Criteria: Full admission to Educational Leadership M.Ed. with successful completion of six or more credits in the program; concurrently pursuing a Principal’s endorsement; high academic performance; and demonstrated excellence (or potential for excellence) in leadership responsibilities in the public school setting. The application requires a double-spaced, one-page essay describing: why s/he wants to become a principal, what innovations s/he would make as a public school principal, and why s/he would make them. Requires two letters of support - one from a teacher with whom s/he has taught for at least three years, and one from a school administrator.

Dr. L. Dean Sorenson Memorial Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $1,400

Criteria: Full admission to Educational Leadership M.Ed. program; working toward K-12 School Administration certification; strong academic performance; clear plan for completion of the M.Ed degree program; demonstrates the promise of becoming an outstanding administrator; minimum of three years of teaching experience; financial need.

Eloise Baird Boldt Memorial Scholarship

Anticipated Amount: $3,500

Criteria: A teacher licensure student; full admission to the teacher education program; financial need; academic aptitude; holds traditional values.

Thomas Martin Farrier Memorial Fellowship

Anticipated Amount: $900

Criteria: Graduate students in the Department of Educational Leadership at the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education at the University of Montana who are Montana school administrators, preparing to become school administrators and are from Montana. No application is necessary for the fellowship. Selection will be made by the Educational Leadership faculty in
discussions of students who meet both the aforementioned criteria and the following:

  1. Academic performance at a level of good quality;
  2. The ability or potential to serve the educational needs of all K-12 students through effective leadership;
  3. The type of personal character that inspires others to achieve a step beyond their own expectations, and
  4. The ability to care deeply and unselfishly about others