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Missoula Boxing Club

The Missoula Boxing Club is seeking volunteers and part-time employees to help with their "Books Before Bags" program. This program allows kids ages 9-19 to join the boxing club for free, but on one condition. Before they can train with the boxing coach, they must first do their homework with a volunteer tutor who provides academic assistance as needed.

Open positions:

  1. Academic Coordinator(s) - The 2021 Budget includes a small PT salary/stipend of $7200 for 1-2 students interested in helping establish a viable academic program. Much of the foundation is laid, but they need a structure built, as they set their sights on the Fall, 2021. 
  2. Tutors - They are also seeking volunteers, beginning in the Fall of 2021, to work with students on a daily basis, to monitor grades and help with homework/academics. These tutors would create the “Academic Team”.

If you are interested in either of these positions and would like more information, go here.