Global Youth Development Program

The University of Montana is proud to offer an innovative master's degree in Global Youth Development (GYD).  The GYD degree is designed for students who wish to engage in culturally-relevant volunteer work or paid employment in the realm of child and family assistance. This unique degree program offers students graduate instruction in human development from a psychological and counseling perspective, and is intended to prepare students to engage in cross-cultural volunteer work or paid employment with young people and/or families.

Hear it from the graduates

"I can say first-hand that the skills learned in IYFD (GYD) would have been extremely useful as a Peace Corps Volunteer!"

-Anna Semple, cohort VII

"(The) academic year will prepare your mind, perspectives, and opinions to enter this world as innovative open-minded volunteers." - Aimie Lisa Hook, cohort IX

"I believe that the challenges you're going to face (in intercultural work) will be much better understood because of the time spent and knowledge gained during your time on campus." - Whitney Graham, cohort VIII

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