Counselor Education Ed.S.

Welcome to the Counselor Education “Education Specialist” Degree page! The Ed.S. degree is a unique, flexible program intended for four groups of students.

  • Individuals who possess a master’s degree in mental health or community counseling that is “too short” (less than 60 credits) for licensure as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor or “LCPC” in the State of Montana.  
  • Individuals who are licensed as School Counselors and wish to be eligible for licensure as an LCPC in Montana.
  • Individuals who are licensed as LCPC’s and wish to qualify for licensure as a School Counselor.
  • Individuals who hold a master’s degree in a closely related area (e.g., Social Work) and wish to qualify for licensure as a School Counselor.

The Ed.S. is a flexible degree program developed with the student’s advisor, but there are some firm requirements.

  • Regardless of the number of credits in the student’s previous master’s degree, the Ed.S. requires an additional 18 semester credits of study. The total number of credits, including the previous master’s degree, must total at least 64.  
  • Students must complete a program of study that closely mirrors one of our nationally accredited master’s degrees in School or Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  
  • The Ed.S. requires a supervised internship in the specialty area in which the student wishes to qualify for licensure. Supervised internship must total 5 credits (600 supervised hours). Attendance at Internship class (COUN 585) is mandatory.
  • Students must complete a final project of 1-4 credits. This might be a literature review, a pilot study, a project such as a new program in a school or evaluating a mental health treatment approach, for example.

The Ed.S. degree is not CACREP-approved. CACREP, our national accrediting body does not review or approve Ed.S. degrees. However, Ed.S. graduates can state that their degree closely mirrors national accreditation standards. Those who possess a master’s degree in a different field are best served by applying to the Department’s master’s degree programs.

Admission to the Ed.S. program is competitive. Applicants are considered with master’s degree applicants on a space-available basis. Our admissions numbers are related to our capacity to provide a quality program, as well as to accreditation standards. Though occasionally we offer a course with considerable online learning, the Ed.S. is not an online program. Courses in the Department of Counselor Education are offered on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to allow students two full days, Thursdays and Fridays, for Internship experiences.