EDU 395 Level 2 Clinical Experience

Course Information

Offered autumn and spring, EDU 395 is a guided clinical experience for candidates who have been admitted to the program and have successfully completed Level 1. The four required courses are offered as a comprehensive package to correlate with the clinical experience. This blocked format allows for integration of curriculum, modeling of cooperative learning and collaborative teaching, and the linking of course content to the field work. Level 2 courses address many facets of elementary education; since candidates have already completed a rotation at the primary level, teams of candidates are assigned to grades 4-8 to work with small groups of students. Level 2 candidates reserve Monday afternoons and Wednesday Mornings for class attendance with fieldwork on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Required Courses:
EDU 346 Exceptionalities
EDU 370 Integrating Technology into Education
EDU 339 Teaching & Assessing PK-8 Language Arts
ENST 472 General Science: Conservation Education
EDU 395 Clinical Experience Level 2

Required Clinical Experience:
Beginning week 5, candidates are assigned placements in both the local schools and the Flagship after-school program to acquire the required 60 hours.


Clinical Experience Materials


EDU 395 Level 2 Information Packet