EDU 451 Level 3 Clinical Experience

Course Information

Offered autumn and spring, EDU 451 is an immersed clinical experience for candidates who have successfully completed Levels 1 and 2. The four required methods courses in addition to Classroom Management are taken as a comprehensive package to correlate with the clinical experience. This blocked format allows for integration of curriculum, modeling of cooperative learning and collaborative teaching, and the linking of course content to the field work. Level 3 candidates spend 10 weeks on campus taking methods courses, followed by four to five weeks fully immersed in the classroom experience. That includes at least 4 full days in the classroom each week (must include Monday's).

Required Courses:
EDU 340 Classroom Management
EDU 497 Methods: Teaching and Assessing 5-8 Mathematics
EDU 497 Methods: Teaching and Assessing K-8 Social Studies
EDU 497 Methods: Teaching and Assessing 4-8 Science
EDU 497 Methods: Teaching and Assessing 4-8 Reading
EDU 451 Clinical Experience: Level 3

Required Clinical Experience:
Beginning week 11, candidates are assigned placements in the local school for four to five weeks. They will be required to complete 4 full days per week for each of the four to five week experience (this must include Monday's).

Clinical Experience Materials

Below you will be able to open/save your Level 3 Clinical Experience Packet. The Final Progress Report is the only form that your cooperating teacher is required to print/fill out and return for your grade.

Level 3 Information Packet

Level 3 Final Evaluation