Student Teaching

This capstone experience marks an important milestone in the passage from student to professional educator. This practicum provides teacher candidates the opportunity to put into practice the skills learned during coursework and previous field experiences. The end results should be that the candidate gains opportunities to grow into an effective classroom teacher and that the students in the involved classroom benefit from the infusion of new ideas and strategies. The Office of Field Experiences secures classroom teachers and university supervisors to ¬work with UM candidates during the student teaching semester.

The cooperating teacher performs a key role in the preparation of a teacher candidate by serving as a day-to-day guide, professional colleague, and counselor. Cooperating teachers are licensed, have at least three years of successful teaching experience, and have the approval of the school administrator to take on the role of mentor.

The university supervisor serves as the liaison between the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences and the participating schools. Supervisors conduct a number of formal observations of the candidate teaching a lesson, providing suggestions for professional development. Supervisors may be currently licensed or recently retired from classroom teaching or school administration.

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