Literacy Education

The Masters in Education (M.Ed.) Option in Literacy Education is only available to those students with at least two years of successful teaching.  The following 46 credits are required:

Course Title Credits
C&I 501 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
C&I 50x Foundations: Select one of the following 3
  504: History of American Education;  
  506: Comparative Education;  
  508: Sociology of Education; or  
  510: Advanced Educational Psychology  
C&I 514 Education Across Cultures 3
C&I 515 Computer and Other Technological Applications in Education 3
C&I 518 Inclusion and Collaboration 3
C&I 520 Educational Research 3
C&I 596 Professional Project 1
EDU 441 Leadership and Advocacy in Reading and Writing (F) 3
C&I 527 Disciplinary Literacy Strategies for Adolescent Learners (F) 3
C&I 530 Trends and Research in Reading and Writing (Su odd) 3
C&I 540 Language Arts Pedagogy and Practice (Su even) 3
C&I 541 Genre Studies (Sp)  3
C&I 533 Diagnosis and Instruction for Exceptional Learners (Su odd) 3
C&I 557 Literacy Practicum (Capstone Experience Arranged with Advisor) 6

Graduate Course Rotation

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Course Descriptions

Please see Curriculum and Instruction course catalog.