Special Education

The Master in Education (M.Ed.) with an endorsement in Grades pK-12 special education is a Minor only. Applicants must have a current teaching license or earn one simultaneously in K-8 elementary teaching or a secondary content major.

Core Courses

Course Title Credits
C&I 501 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
C&I 50x Foundations: Select one of the following 3
502: Philosophy of Education
504: History of American Education;
506: Comparative Education;
508: Sociology of Education; or
510: Advanced Educational Psychology
C&I 514 Education Across Cultures 3
C&I 515 Computer and Other Technological Applications in Education 3
C&I 518 Inclusion and Collaboration 3
C&I 520 Educational Research 3
C&I 596 Professional Project 1

Directed Courses

Course Title Credits
EDU 438 Literacy Assessment, Diagnosis and Instruction (Sp, Even Sum) 3

EDSP 401 or
EDSP 403

Intro to Early Intervention (F, Even Sum)
Curr/Methods Early Special Education

EDSP 405 Assessment of Students with Exceptionalities (F, Even Sum) 3

EDSP 426
(or C&I 526)

Transition and Community Supports (Sp, Even Sum) 3
EDSP 454 Advanced Academic Interventions (Sp, Odd Sum) 3

EDSP 456
(or C&I 556)

Methods of Low Incidence Disabilities (Fall, Odd Sum) 3
EDSP 461 Positive Behavior Supports (Sp, Odd Sum) 3
EDSP 462 Special Ed Law, Policy and Practice (F, Even Sum) 3
C&I 590 Student Teaching: Special Education (F and Sp) 6

Graduate Course Rotation

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Course Descriptions

Please see Curriculum and Instruction course catalog.