M.Ed. - General Curricular Studies

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum Studies, General Curriculum Studies option, requires a minimum of 36 graduate-level credits. 21 of these credits consist of core courses required of all master's students in the C&I Department. The remaining 15 credits are elective courses selected in conjunction with the student's advisor.

Course # Title Credits
C&I 501 Curriculum Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 3
C&I 50x

Foundations: Choose one of the following:

502 Philosophy of Education

504 History of American Education

506 Comparative Education

508 Sociology of Education

510 Advanced Educational Psychology

C&I 514 Education Across Cultures 3
C&I 515 Computer and Other Technological Applications in Education 3
C&I 518 Inclusion and Collaboration 3
C&I 520 Educational Research 3
C&I 588 Action Research 3
Electives 15
Total Credits


Graduate Course Rotation

A printable version of the M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies, General Curriclum Studies option is available here.