Robotics for Professors

The use of a robot in the classroom may be a new experience for you, so we have compiled a page of information to help you have a successful class and experience. Like much technology, this is not a perfect system, but through trial and error, the Department of Educational Leadership has come to find that using a Double Robotics robot in the classroom is as much of a real experience for you as it is for our students and the closest we will get to the students actually attending class in person.

For more information on managing the Double Robotics robots from the student end, please look over the Robotic Telepresence page. 

Robot Check Out

Please contact the Educational Leadership Department at with the following information to reserve a robot:

  • Who is requesting robots?
  • What will the robots be used for?
  • Where do you plan to use the robots?
  • What date(s) are the robots needed?
  • What time(s) are the robots needed?
  • How many robots are needed?

It is the responsibility of the requesting department to pick up the robots from the Educational Leadership Department during normal business hours (M-F / 8AM-5PM). Please be in contact with the department to coordinate pick up and drop of times. 

It is the responsibility of the requesting department to return the borrowed robots to the Educational Leadership Department and plug in each returned robot for charging. 

Robots should be parked, plugged in, and iPads should be completely shut down when not in use. 

Firing Up the Robot

Please read below for a step-by-step guide to turning on the Double Robotics Robot: 

  1. Unplug the robot (cord plugs in at the back of the base)
  2. Turn on the iPad 
    1. The power button is located at the bottom left of the iPad. Hold this button until the Apple logo pops up. 
  3. Swipe right to unlock iPad
    1. Type in password (password supplied by EDLD)
  4. Open up iPad settings to be sure WiFi and Bluetooth are properly connected
    1. WiFi should be connected to the eduroam network. You login to eduroam using and your NetID password. If this will not connect, Grizzly Guest should also work as a backup. WiFi is connected when a check mark appears next to the network name.
    2. Bluetooth should be turned on and connected to the Double it is attached to. The serial number of the connected unit should match the serial number listed on the base of the robot under the word Double. 
  5. Press the iPad home button to escape iPad settings (located at top of iPad)
  6. Tap the Double app to open (blue, square icon)
  7. If login screen pops up, press the sign in button (username and password supplied by EDLD)
  8. If the app was already logged in, a map noting a name with a blue background should pop up on the iPad screen. 
    1. If the robot is ready for use, a green circle will appear in the top left corner
    2. To check the battery life in the iPad and Double Robot, tap on the battery image in the top left corner. 
      1. If the bluetooth in not connected, you will not be able to see the remaining battery life for the Double Robot. 
    3. To change the name on the robot, simply touch the name in the blue rectangle. A blinking curser line and the keyboard will pop up. Change the name to reflect your class or meeting and touch the Done icon.

Shutting Down the Robot

Please read below for information on how to properly shut down the Double Robotics robots: 

  1. While still logged into the Double app, click on the "P" in the bottom right of the screen to park the robot, if the student has not done so already.
  2. Bring robot back to ED 203
    1. If you are bringing a robot back past 5:00PM Monday-Friday, please safely store the robot in a locked office overnight and bring it back to ED 203 as soon as possible the next morning, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  3. Plug in the robot (cords are plugged into the back of the robot base)
  4. Power down the iPad
    1. Hold down the power button on the bottom left of the iPad until the slide screen appears
    2. Swipe right, when prompted, to power down the iPad

*** Always plug in the robot prior to shutting down the iPad. If the iPad is already turned off, it will turn back on when it gets plugged in and you will need to shut it down once again. 


Suggestions from Faculty

While there are more features to the robots beyond what is listed above, this information will help you get started using the robots for when it is time for students to access your course.
  • Sharing your powerpoints and presentation materials prior to the start of class will make it much easier for your robotic students to follow along in class. Depending on the light in the classroom and the studnet's network connection, it may be difficult for them to easily see projected powerpoints and writing on a whiteboard.
  • Using Blackboard Collaborate to share your computer may be an option to help students see what you pull up on your computer screen in the classroom.
  • Requesting that students log on to the robots 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class may help decrease help the remote student may need while logging on. 
  • Having a student to help set up and shut down the robots will help to keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Instructing robotic students to use earbuds or headphones will significantly increase their audio quality.
  • Students can find more helpful information through the Robotic Telepresence page.