MontanaPBS Graduate Assistantship

MontanaPBS Graduate Assistantship

University of Montana Early Childhood Education graduate student, Jordan Parker, will serve as a graduate assistant with MontanaPBS. In this role, she will help create content for PBS LearningMedia.

The PBS LearningMedia is a free resource for Montana teachers that contains a repository of resources that can be used in classrooms. MontanaPBS wanted to start an initiative to create videos and classroom materials for teachers around the state.

MontanaPBS is partnering with University of Montana and Montana State University graduate students to perform a needs assessment and decide what content and digital resources will be most useful. Based on the teachers’ specific needs, they will then create original, digital content to be tested in the classroom.

Once the content has been shared and tested in the classroom, both the teachers and students will provide feedback based on how it went. This allows for the program to improve for the next academic year.

Nikki Vradenburg, Director of Education at MontanaPBS, says that they are excited to partner with students from both universities, and create a space where both Grizzlies and Bobcats can get along.

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