Master's Degree in Educational Leadership

The Master's Degree in Educational Leadership is designed to provide the student with a Master Degree in Education (M.Ed.) while preparing him/her for a Montana Class 3 Administrative License and a K-12 Principal Endorsement. The M.Ed. supports existing educators in the process of becoming administrators and school leaders. This degree requires a minimum of thirty-seven (37) semester credits at the graduate level. These 37 credits are comprised of 12 three credit courses and one credit for the comprehensive exam which consists of the Master's Program Documentation and Culminating Presentation. An advisor will be assigned to all successful applicants and we encourage you to contact them or the department with any questions regarding your program of study. M.Ed. students must maintain their course requirements with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Students seeking an administrative license in addition to a Master's of Education (M.Ed.) are required to complete Field Experience.

Course Information

EDLD 502: Philosophy of Education
EDLD 512: Education Futures


EDLD 519: Measurement & Analysis of Educational Data
EDLD 520: Educational Research
EDLD 550: Foundations of Education Leadership
EDLD 551: Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
EDLD 552: Supervision & Evaluation of Public School Education
EDLD 554: Montana School Law
EDLD 556: Finance of Public Education
EDLD 559: Public Relations for Principals
EDLD 583: Strategic Planning for Technology

EDLD 567: K-12 Leadership
EDLD 568: K-12 Curriculum

The Department of Educational Leadership offers courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.

Critical Tasks for Completion

The following tasks are provided to assist the student in planning and completing their Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership.

After being accepted in Educational Leadership M.Ed. program:

  1. Review the acceptance materials and contact your advisor if you have any questions
  2. Review the Graduate School’s Policies
  3. Successfully complete the 12 required courses for the EDLD M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Prior to your last semester:

  1. Register for your 1 semester Comprehensive Exam credit: EDLD 594 (Master's Program Documentation and Culminating Presentation)
    • Per the Graduate School, you must be registered for at least 3 credits per semester. Contact their office for more information: 406.243.2572
  2. Apply for Graduation
  3. Notify the Educational Leadership Office to schedule your Culminating Presentation date

During your last semester:

  1. Successfully complete your final courses
  2. Complete and submit your M.Ed. Program Documentation via UM Box.
    1. Contact your advisor to inform them that you are ready to begin preparing your documentation. They can send you a link to an example of what your M.Ed. Program Documentation should look like in UM Box. 
    2. The Field Experience component must be uploaded to this folder in UM Box.
  3. Prepare and submit your M.Ed. Program Documentation
  4. Complete your Culminating Presentation

After successful completion of the Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership:

  1. Contact the Licensure and Assessment Manager, Kristi Murphy, to initiate paperwork to obtain a Montana Class 3 Administrative License with a K-12 Principal Endorsement
    • Note: In addition to the 12 required graduate courses, obtaining a Montana Class 3 Administrative License has additional requirements.
    • Kristi Murphy: or 406.243.2121
  2. Approximately 6 weeks after the degree award date students review their final transcript to be sure that it is an accurate record of their academic history. Students can print their own unofficial transcript using Cyberbear.

The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) in Educational Leadership provides the necessary courses for a Montana Class 3 Administrative License with a K-12 Principal Endorsement. Multiple endorsements will require more hours of coursework.

M.Ed. Program Documentation and Culminating Presentation

In lieu of written comprehensive exams and as a way to assess the quality of scholarship of Master’s degree candidates, the Department of Educational Leadership has implemented a culminating documentation assessment combined with a culminating scholarly presentation designed to manifest the educational leader’s ability to synthesize the course material into a comprehensive leadership activity.

Be in contact with your advisor to be sure you have completed all major requirements before scheduling your M.Ed. Culminating Presentation. Your advisor can supply you with the link to an example of what your finished M.Ed. Program Documentation should look like in UM Box. 

The following documents contain useful materials to guide this process:

READ FIRST: Instructions for Uploading Your Program Documentation

Master's Program Documentation Form (required)

Culminating Presentation Rubric

M.Ed. Application Requirements

Please visit the Application Requirements page for more information.